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For Sale FEATURED Current listing

Cottage in a mountain village.

16 700,00 EUR In the picturesque village of Hrubov, located in the Ondavská Highlands, a small cottage by the stream awaits you. It is situated on a land area of 419 m2 and consists of three rooms and kitchen. ... >>
(503 104 SKK)

Hlavná Size: 419 m²

For Sale FEATURED Current listing

Holiday cottage in Liptov for sale, Fatra mts., Slovakia

79 000,00 EUR For sale recreational cottage in Liptov near Gothal Aquapark Liptovská Osada. The cottage is located in the cottage area of Škutovka - Veľká Fatra. Reconstruction in 2011-12 - sheet metal ... >>
(2 379 954 SKK)

Liptovská Osada
Size: 187 m²


For Sale Current listing

Refurbished cottage in the village Liptovské Revúce for sale

170 000,00 EUR (to the agreement)
Are you looking for a quiet natural environment for living or business? We have a beautiful cottage in the beautiful surroundings of the Great Fatra. It is a renovated old country house near the ski ... >>
(5 121 420 SKK)

Liptovské Revúce
Size: m²


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