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For Sale FEATURED Current listing

For sale newly built luxury house with swimming pool just 10 km from Kosice

0,00 EUR (info in office)
The house was built in 2010 and stands on a large fenced land with an area of ​​120 ares. The house is divided into residential and operational parts. Living section has two floors. On ground ... >>
(0 SKK)

Košice - vidiek
Size: 12000 m²

For Sale Current listing

Family house in the vicinity of Košice

124 900,00 EUR We offer a family house in the village Nižná Hutka, less than 10 km of Kosice It situated on a plot area of 998 m2. The house consists of 4 spacious living rooms, bathroom and kitchen. The entire ... >>
(3 762 737 SKK)

Košice okolie
Košice 18
Nižná Hutka Size: 998 m²

For Sale Current listing

For sale private house in the center of Kosice, Slovakia

205 000,00 EUR (to the agreement)
We sell 5 bedroom house in the center of Kosice in a picturesque area with the possibility of use for life and for business. The house has a basement, where there are two large rooms, two small ... >>
(6 175 830 SKK)

Size: 717 m²

Rentals Leased!

Rented a cozy modern house in the historic center of Kosice, Slovakia

1 100,00 EUR / month
For rent a cozy modern house of about 250 m2 in the center of Kosice. Was built in 2008. 1st floor: entrance hall, living room with fireplace, connect with a kitchen, bathroom, terrace. 2nd floor: 3 ... >>
(33 139 SKK)

Kosice-Stare mesto
Size: 250 m²

For Sale Current listing

House for sale in Tokay region, Slovakia

19 300,00 EUR (to the agreement)
Interesting house for sale in Tokaj region - Tŕňa, district of Trebišov. The house has the original stone wine cellar of 18 century. The house has 3 bedrooms, kitchen, hall, entrance hall-porch, ... >>
(581 432 SKK)

Size: 821 m m²


For Sale Current listing

Older house in Trebisov district, Slovakia

22 000,00 EUR We sell an older detached house with a garden in the village. One-floor building with a gabled roof. The house is after partial reconstruction, floors, ceilings, bathroom. It is connected to utility ... >>
(662 772 SKK)

Streda nad Bodrogom
Size: m²

For Sale Current listing

New big House for sale in Kosice-Budimír, Slovakia

185 000,00 EUR (to the agreement)
Family house for sale in village Budimír (Košice). One is a new building built in the uptown community Budimír on land with an area of 408 m2. The layout of the house is as follows: - below is a ... >>
(5 573 310 SKK)

Size: 408 m²

For Sale Current listing

Big House for sale Kosice, Slovakia

237 500,00 EUR We sell a large, interesting, three-storey house with a flat roof in a terraced building, with 3 loggias and terraces with a total floor area of ​​74.40 square meters x 3 = 223.20 square meters ... >>
(7 154 925 SKK)

Size: 262 m²

We Find Current listing

We find - house in Kosice

0,00 EUR (to the agreement)
Hľadáme pre klienta v Košiciach, Košice-okolie rodinný dom po rekonštrukcii alebo novostavbu, hrubú ... >>
(0 SKK)

Size: m²

For Sale Current listing

Slovakia - vila for sale near Kosice

290 000,00 EUR ... >>
(8 736 540 SKK)

Košice - 13km
Size: 242 m²

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