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For Sale FEATURED Current listing

House near Medzilaborce for sale, Slovakia

12 000,00 EUR The house with a saddle roof is built in a quiet part of the village. The house consists of two large rooms, a kitchen, an entrance hall, a bathroom, a pantry. Half of the house has a basement. The ... >>
(361 512 SKK)

Size: 817 m²

For Sale FEATURED Current listing

4-room house, 148 m2, nice plot of land 700 m2, 30 km from Brtislava

132 000,00 EUR Very nice and well-solved bungalow (15.5m x 9.5m). It is currently under construction as the last in the already-occupied street of the old part of Oľdza village. Nice, flat fenced plot, almost ... >>
(3 976 632 SKK)

Size: 700 m²

For Sale FEATURED Current listing

Family house for sale near Snina, Slovakia

35 000,00 EUR (to the agreement)
In the village Pčoliné, only 9 km from Snina we offer a family house for sale. It is situated on a plot of 1270 m2. It is in its original condition and consists of two above-ground floors. On the ... >>
(1 054 410 SKK)

Size: 1270 m²

For Sale FEATURED Current listing

Two-storey family house near Štúrovo for sale

55 000,00 EUR (to the agreement)
We sell a storey house in the village Hronovce, near Štúrovo. The house has 4 rooms and consists of 2 floors. On the 1st floor there is a kitchen, toilet, 1 living room. On the 2nd floor there are ... >>
(1 656 930 SKK)

Size: 3996 m²

For Sale FEATURED Reservated!

Business Opportunity - Restaurant with flat for sale

99 900,00 EUR The two-storey building near the center is built on 3.5 acres of land. The lower floor is designed as a restaurant with a background - restaurant with bar, kitchen, storage, bathroom with shower, ... >>
(3 009 587 SKK)

Lesná Size: 356 m²


For Sale FEATURED Current listing

* Video * House for sale in Lackovce, Slovakia

119 000,00 EUR The house with a floor area of 100 m2 is located on the 6.5 ares of land in a new residential area at the beginning of Lackovce. In the house there is a large living room connected to the kitchen, 3 ... >>
(3 584 994 SKK)

Size: 650 m²

For Sale FEATURED Current listing

Family house for housing and recreation.

26 500,00 EUR (to the agreement)
In the village Papín we offer a family house in good technical condition. It is built from bricks and stone on a plot of land with a total area of 1950 m2. It consists of four rooms and a chamber. ... >>
(798 339 SKK)

Papín 322 Size: 1950 m²

For Sale FEATURED Current listing

* Video * Family house with large plot of land in Kamenica nad Cirochou

52 000,00 EUR The two-storey family house with a wing roof is located on a 14-a-long plot and 24.5 m wide. On the lower level, accessible from the ground level, there is a boiler room, a storage room, a gas room ... >>
(1 566 552 SKK)

Size: 1385 m²

For Sale FEATURED ---

Family house in Humenne, Slovakia

250 000,00 EUR A spacious family home consists of two floors, attic and basement. On the first floor is a spacious garage, kitchen, pantry, living room, bathroom, toilet, storage room and boiler room. On the second ... >>
(7 531 500 SKK)

Size: 560 m²

For Sale FEATURED Reservated!

Big lot with older house for sale, Slovakia

15 000,00 EUR We offer a spacious plot with an old house. By the road is wide more than 30 m. Near the land is connection of electricity, gas and water. The old house is included in the price of the property and ... >>
(451 890 SKK)

Pichne 117 Size: 4819 m²

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