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For Sale NEW FEATURED Current listing

House near Medzilaborce for sale, Slovakia

12 000,00 EUR The house with a saddle roof is built in a quiet part of the village. The house consists of two large rooms, a kitchen, an entrance hall, a bathroom, a pantry. Half of the house has a basement. The ... >>
(361 512 SKK)

Size: 817 m²

For Sale NEW UPDATED FEATURED Current listing

4-room house, 148 m2, nice plot of land 700 m2, 30 km from Brtislava

132 900,00 EUR Very nice and well-solved bungalow (15.5m x 9.5m). It is currently under construction as the last in the already-occupied street of the old part of Oľdza village. Nice, flat fenced plot, almost ... >>
(4 003 745 SKK)

Size: 700 m²

For Sale FEATURED Current listing

Family house for sale near Snina, Slovakia

35 000,00 EUR (to the agreement)
In the village Pčoliné, only 9 km from Snina we offer a family house for sale. It is situated on a plot of 1270 m2. It is in its original condition and consists of two above-ground floors. On the ... >>
(1 054 410 SKK)

Size: 1270 m²

For Sale FEATURED Current listing

Two-storey family house near Štúrovo for sale

55 000,00 EUR (to the agreement)
We sell a storey house in the village Hronovce, near Štúrovo. The house has 4 rooms and consists of 2 floors. On the 1st floor there is a kitchen, toilet, 1 living room. On the 2nd floor there are ... >>
(1 656 930 SKK)

Size: 3996 m²

For Sale FEATURED Reservated!

Business Opportunity - Restaurant with flat for sale

99 900,00 EUR The two-storey building near the center is built on 3.5 acres of land. The lower floor is designed as a restaurant with a background - restaurant with bar, kitchen, storage, bathroom with shower, ... >>
(3 009 587 SKK)

Lesná Size: 356 m²


For Sale FEATURED Current listing

* Video * House for sale in Lackovce, Slovakia

119 000,00 EUR The house with a floor area of 100 m2 is located on the 6.5 ares of land in a new residential area at the beginning of Lackovce. In the house there is a large living room connected to the kitchen, 3 ... >>
(3 584 994 SKK)

Size: 650 m²

For Sale FEATURED Current listing

Family house for housing and recreation.

26 500,00 EUR (to the agreement)
In the village Papín we offer a family house in good technical condition. It is built from bricks and stone on a plot of land with a total area of 1950 m2. It consists of four rooms and a chamber. ... >>
(798 339 SKK)

Papín 322 Size: 1950 m²

For Sale FEATURED Current listing

* Video * Family house with large plot of land in Kamenica nad Cirochou

52 000,00 EUR The two-storey family house with a wing roof is located on a 14-a-long plot and 24.5 m wide. On the lower level, accessible from the ground level, there is a boiler room, a storage room, a gas room ... >>
(1 566 552 SKK)

Size: 1385 m²

For Sale FEATURED Reservated!

Family house near the forest, Slovakia

90 000,00 EUR (to the agreement)
On the plot of total area 683 m2 we offer a family house with an attractive view of Humenné. It consists of two above ground and one underground floor. On the first floor there is an entrance hall ... >>
(2 711 340 SKK)

Sídlisko Poľana 63 Size: 683 m²

For Sale FEATURED ---

Family house in Humenne, Slovakia

250 000,00 EUR A spacious family home consists of two floors, attic and basement. On the first floor is a spacious garage, kitchen, pantry, living room, bathroom, toilet, storage room and boiler room. On the second ... >>
(7 531 500 SKK)

Size: 560 m²

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