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Our references

Tatranet Real is a full-service real estate company. Our Sales Associates are trained and dedicated to assisting you with all aspects of your real estate needs. Our satisfated clients references:

I wanted to sell a building lot and I found your agency on the Internet. The approach of your staff was very agreable and they worked with highest diligence. The transaction was carried out successfully and I think it led to satisfaction of both parties. I was highly satisfied with the services provided by Tatranet Real company and would like to thank for cooperation.

Milan Pandoš, Příbramsko, Czech republic

Our cooperation with the Tatranet Real company took place while selling our building lot. The whole process including discharge of the sale went very smoothly. Services provided by the Tatranet Real company and Mr. Danics were at a high professional level and we were very satisfied with the services.

M. Gdovin, Stratford, USA

We contacted Tatranet Real company intending to buy a real estate in Slovakia. Our decision was based on the large number of interesting offers, the possibility to communicate in russian and professionalism of an agent (Dr. Ivan Slaninka). All the stages of purchase of the house were carried out smoothly and quickly. We would like to point out that the help provided by the agent was not confined to the purchase of the house only, but we were provided with advice, which helped us significantly to adapt to the new conditions. We reccommend Tatranet Real company to all interested in purchase of a real estate in Slovakia.

Vladimir Popov and Jekaterina Stelmashchuk, Moscow, Russia

The deal was about a sale of a flat. I found you on the Internet. Mr. Klaudius Danics took care of everything. We were very satisfied with the services of Mr. Danics and your company.

D. Salasovic, Assmannshausen, Germany

We got to know each other thanks to sport (we were watching football championship of Europe in the town Liptovski Mikulas). The agents of Tatranet Real are professionals of high standard; we were very pleased to deal with them. The deal itself was carried out according to 'said and done'. We were very satisfied because we worried about nothing. Everything did the agents.

V. Tokar, Ukraine

I was searching for a flat to rent on the Internet. The flat which I was interested in was being rented out through your real estate agency. The approach of your staff was very pleasant and serious. Everything went always in accordance with agreement. As for terms and deadlines, most accommodating approach, it was always possible to come to an agreement and the deadlines were always met. The letting was carried out smoothly. Communication was quick and comprehensible. I was satisfied with your services.

L. Lempeľová, Slovakia

We needed to find tenants from management field for a furnished flat so we contacted your company. The approach of the real estate agency staff was very accommodating and active. Your representative asked for information concerning the estate first, we agreed on a sales comission contract (he told us about the conditions prior to that), then he photographed the estate and put it on the webpage of your company (before this we agrred on the text). After you found a prospective tenant, your representative informed us that there is a potential client, that he is engaged in a certain area, and they agreed on an appointment. One of the prospective tenants confirmed his interest, Tatranet Real company drew up a lease contract and sent it to us for approval or amendment. After the approval, signing of the contract and subsequently its discharge took place. We are highly satisfied with the services of Tatranet Real company. In the future we would appreciate recommendations on the part of the real estate agency concerning optimum price, for which would be reasonable to offer the estate, considering competing offers in such locality and of such quality.

Ing. A. Škuba, Slovakia

I was satisfied. I was unburdened of feeling of fear that someone will deceive me. I would certainly use the services again. I wouldn't buy/sell estate without a real estate agency any more.

L. Meričková, Slovakia

Our cooperation with the real estate agency Tatranet Real was based on a good experience of purchasing an estate from the past. The approach of the real estete advisor was professional, we got a very positive impression. The discharge of the whole deal and sale of the estate was carried out quickly and without any complications. My wife and I are satisfied with the services of the real estate agency Tatranet Real and if there is an occasion in the futue, we will certainly use the services of your company again.

František Martan, Slovakia

We wanted to sell a flat. We learned about Tatranet Real company from an advertisement in a local newspaper and then from the Internet. It was quite difficult to sell the flat in these hard times, especially considering relatively high price of the flat on the real estate market. Nevertheless our estate agent Mr. Klaudius Danics kept sensible commercial patience and this also led to the successful sale. A very short period of time passed from the payment of deposit by a serious buyer, through the discharge of the transaction itself and signing the contract, till the money went to our account. So all three parties were satisfied :-)

Peter Konečný, Humenné, Slovakia

The approach on the part of Tatranet Real was on a professional level, we had enough information. The whole discharge of the deal from drawing up the documents till the very end was very good. Absolute satisfaction!

Mrs and Mr Martan, Prešov, Slovakia

I learned about Tatranet Real company from the Internet. Approach of the employee K. Danics was very accommodating. The deal was discharged without any problems, Mr. Danics provided advice and was helpful. I was glad that I had contacted your real estate agency with the purchase of an estate, and in case of a possible further transaction I will certainly contact you.
Hereby I would like to thank Mr. Danics once more.

F. Tatár, Topoľovka, Slovakia

Thank you again for our pleasant cooperation during the whole transaction, for your helpfulness and accommodating approach.

Anna and Vladimir Komkovci, Prešovský kraj, Slovakia :)

When selling our flat and buying a new one we were looking for offers on the Internet via www.reality.sk. The flat which appealed to us was among offers of your real estate agency. Your representatives were ready to deal with arising situations quickly and advise us. The deal consisted of submitting a deposit in a bank and after-payment after our original flat was sold. We were satisfied with the services provided by Tatranet Real company.

Miroslava Maukšová, Košice, Slovakia

Since it was impossible to proceed with the sale of a flat inherited from my mother, I asked my fiduciary/cousin to contact relevant addresses, and I think he was lucky, because things were put into action very quickly, Mr. Danics contacted us immediately and sent necessary power of attorney forms, the rest was upon my cousin in the place of residence. I evaluate the approach of the real estate agency representative and the way the whole deal was carried out as positive, I was being regularly informed and my rating is clear: excellent!

With regards, MUDr. Emil Baniari, Trenčianske Teplice, Slovakia

I am highly satisfied with the services of the real estate agency. The approach of employees was professional. Everything went flawlessly and I believe I will contact Tatranet Real company also in the future.

Vladimír Berlecký, Slovakia

We learned about the real estate agency Tatranet Real via Internet, when we were tackling our housing situation. The approach of the real estate agency's representative was on a very high level. The discharge of the whole deal was very well organized and led to an overall satisfaction of the customer. We were highly satisfied with the services and our cooperation, for which we thank the company.

p. Hančák, Slovakia

My acquaintances told me about you. The approach of the representatives was professional, I was satisfied. The sale was carried out without any problems.

Ing. Peter Ščerba, Slovakia

We were dealing with a sale of a flat in Ruzomberok and decided to cooperate with the company Tatranet Real. The agents acted in a very professional way during the sale of our flat. The whole process went smoothly and excellently, without any difficulties or problems, it simply had high standard. We were 100% satisfied.

Renáta Schmidtová, Slovakia

On the web page of the real estate agency Taranet Real we found an offer of a one-room flat. After one month our daughter moved into it. We didn’t have to hang around any bureaucratic offices, everything provided the agents. There is nothing to add, only to thank and recommend to other customers.

Satisfied Mária & Jozef Klocháň, Slovakia

I wanted to sell my flat. I was contacted by the real estate agency Tatranet Real and was offered cooperation in the sale. They offered me their services, we agreed on their assistance and acting on my behalf and I did not care about anything else. They made photographs of the flat, organized presentations and found a buyer. They supervised the whole process of sale, provided everything concerning transfer of the title. I think they also helped the buyer to arrange credit. I didn’t have any concerns; everything was carried out to my satisfaction. There was no need for me to go anywhere, which I appreciated, being a busy person. I even got a nice present at the end. I would like to thank the agents of this company and strongly recommend them to others, who are interested in buying or selling property.

Vladimír Kulich, Slovakia

Everything was very well prepared, excellently organized. It’s a pleasure to cooperate with such professionals. I didn’t even notice how I became owner of property. I am very satisfied with the services of the company Tatranet Real.

T. Szolanskij, Slovakia

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