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Modern newly built family house in a minimalist style, Scharndorf, Austria, only 30 min. from Bratislava and Vienna

Low-energy 4 room house type bungalow under construction on plot 563 m2, 7 min. from Senec

Industrial building for sale, Liptovský Mikulas, Slovakia

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For Sale NEW UPDATED FEATURED Current listing

For sale 2 room flat in the original condition in the center of Zvolen

63 000,00 EUR We sell 2 bedroom apartment with loggia in the original condition on the street Bystrický rad in Zvolen. The apartment has a size of 55,69 sqm and two cellars with a total area of 5,2 sqm. The ... >>
(1 897 938 SKK)

Bystrický rad Size: 55 m²

For Sale NEW UPDATED Current listing

Spacious apartment in the center of Snina, Slovakia

21 500,00 EUR On the Janka Kráľa street we offer a spacious 56 m2 2-room apartment with two cellars with an area of 8 m2. Located on the 2/3 floor of a brick apartment building. The apartament consists of two ... >>
(647 709 SKK)

Janka Kráľa 1 Size: 64 m²

For Sale NEW UPDATED Current listing

For sale three-room apartment in Strážske, Slovakia

38 500,00 EUR The apartment is located on the 3rd floor in a 5-storey residential block with a lift from the ground floor. The kitchen and living room window is facing east, a large balcony from the bedroom and a ... >>
(1 159 851 SKK)

Size: 78 m²

For Sale NEW UPDATED FEATURED Current listing

* Video * Family house with large plot of land in Kamenica nad Cirochou

52 000,00 EUR The two-storey family house with a wing roof is located on a 14-a-long plot and 24.5 m wide. On the lower level, accessible from the ground level, there is a boiler room, a storage room, a gas room ... >>
(1 566 552 SKK)

Size: 1385 m²


Smaller family house for a good price, Eastern Slovakia

27 500,00 EUR In the village Dlhé nad Cirochou we offer a small, very well preserved family house. It lies on the plot of 1181 sq. meters. It consists of three rooms, veranda, kitchen and bathroom. Behind the ... >>
(828 465 SKK)

Dlhé nad Cirochou
Hlavná 296/197 Size: 1181 m²

For Sale FEATURED Current listing

Family house near the forest, Slovakia

0,00 EUR (info in office)
On the plot of total area 683 m2 we offer a family house with an attractive view of Humenné. It consists of two above ground and one underground floor. On the first floor there is an entrance hall ... >>
(0 SKK)

Sídlisko Poľana 63 Size: 683 m²

For Sale Current listing

Land near Domasa dam, Slovakia

33 000,00 EUR In the recreation center Domaša Valkov we offer a set of recreational plots with a total area of 1176 m2. They are located under the forest in a half-timbered area in the Tišava valley, just under ... >>
(994 158 SKK)

Domaša Valkov
Tišava 22 Size: 1176 m²

For Sale FEATURED Reservated!

Three-room apartment in the city center, Humenne, Slovakia

39 000,00 EUR In the block of flats on 7/7 floors we offer partly renovated three-room apartment in a large loggia. The apartment consists of three rooms, kitchen, bathroom and toilet. The apartment also includes ... >>
(1 174 914 SKK)

Kukorelliho 4 Size: 57 m²

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Rentals FEATURED Current listing

For rent commercial space in Humenne, Slovakia

450,00 EUR (+ VAT and energy)
/ month
There are two floors. On the ground floor is a shop with separate entrance on the size of 45 m2, 18.5 m2 warehouse, hall with staircase and toilet 22 m2 and a rear loading ramp entrance with a size ... >>
(13 557 SKK)

Size: 150 m²

For Sale FEATURED Current listing

2.5 room apartment for sale, Humenne, Slovakia

34 500,00 EUR Cooperative apartment in pristine condition located on the 2nd floor in a 3-storey apartment block with no lift. The windows of the kitchen, bedroom and children's room are facing east, balcony from ... >>
(1 039 347 SKK)

Size: 66 m²

For Sale FEATURED Current listing

Reconstructed historic manor house for sale in Liptov, Slovakia

0,00 EUR (info in office)
We offer for sale a beautiful historic manor house in the picturesque surroundings of a Liptov. It was built in the 1750 year. Major reconstruction was between 1999 - 2005. It is situated on a large ... >>
(0 SKK)

Size: 7800 m²

For Sale FEATURED Current listing

Large land under forest in Snina for sale

15,60 EUR / m2
We offer an extensive plot (c herbaceous vegetation) near the forest. It is an irregular rectangle measuring about 47 m at the widest part and about 150 m long. The land is accessible by bridge over ... >>
(470 SKK)

Size: 4951 m²

 Most Visited Listings


For Sale FEATURED Current listing

2 lots for sale Nizna Boca (Low Tatra mts.)

21,57 EUR / m2
2 parcels of land are located in a chalet locality in nice surroundings of Low Tatras in the proximity of the village Nizna Boca, not far from the holiday centre Čertovica. The parcel is a part of ... >>
(650 SKK)

Liptovský Mikuláš
Nižná Boca
Size: 1890 m²

For Sale FEATURED Current listing

Slovakia - Cottage near the pool in the recreation area

49 990,00 EUR For sale: Cottage with buffet service (restaurant) in the recreation area of the Slovak Volova. Cottage is built on his land and is located only 30 m from the pond. On the ground floor there is ... >>
(1 505 999 SKK)

Slovenská Volová
Size: 178 m²


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