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Nice family pension near the Aquapark Tatralandia for sale

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For Sale NEW UPDATED Current listing

Garage for sale in Humenne

7 500,00 EUR In the garage of the size of 18 m2 is an electricity and built shelving unit with ... >>
(225 945 SKK)

Size: 18 m²

Rentals NEW UPDATED Current listing

For rent completely renovated commercial space in Humenne

200,00 EUR / month
In the room of the size of 17 m2 is placed sink and separate toilet. The rental price is included energy without water which is billed on the basis of readings of water meters. The premises are ... >>
(6 025 SKK)

Size: 17 m²

For Sale NEW UPDATED Current listing

Building plot, Prešov, Šalgovik

49,00 EUR / m2
We sell building land in the Пресов ан area of 971 m2. The plot is sunny, flat with a slight slope to the west. Access to land is by paved road. The width of land is 32 m and 30 m length. ... >>
(1 476 SKK)

Size: 971 m²

For Sale NEW UPDATED Current listing

3-room apartment in Prešov - Sekčov

61 600,00 EUR (to the agreement)
We sell nicely renovated three-room apartment in Presov, area of ​​72 m2, in the first part of the Sekčov, in the vicinity of Exnarová Street. The apartment consists of three rooms, kitchen, ... >>
(1 855 762 SKK)

Size: 72 m²

For Sale NEW UPDATED FEATURED Current listing

Holiday cottage in the woods alone

6 900,00 EUR Wooden cottage before completion in the forest near the village Pakostov. It is built on concrete slabs. On the ground floor planned: hall with kitchen, pantry, bathroom and terrace. In the attic is ... >>
(207 869 SKK)

okolie Size: 245 m²

For Sale NEW UPDATED Current listing

Premises for business in Humenne

65 000,00 EUR We offer a historical building near the center of Humenne for non-traditional areas of business. There are two arched cellars with total area of 170 square meters. Above them it is possible to build ... >>
(1 958 190 SKK)

Size: 170 m²

Rentals NEW UPDATED Current listing

Renting 2 halls and open spaces

0,00 EUR (to the agreement)
In the former farm buildings we offer to rent a large paved asphalt surfaces. There are 2 halls. 1st hall has dimensions of 9x42 m, 2nd hall has dimensions of 11x70m. Paved asphalt surface has an ... >>
(0 SKK)

Size: 400 m²

For Sale NEW UPDATED Current listing

The gross building a house, plot 762 m2, Šalgovík, Prešov

115 000,00 EUR Tatranet Real offers to sell 4 room house on the Šalgovik - Prešov. The building is located in beautiful surroundings on land with an area of ​​762 square meters. The plot is sunny with a nice ... >>
(3 464 490 SKK)

Size: 762 m²

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For Sale FEATURED Current listing

Exclusive land 9 km from Liptovský Mikuláš

25 000,00 EUR For sale a beautiful plot of land 2785 m2 in the village of Liptovský Ondrej, just 9 km from the town of Liptovsky Mikulas. The land is located on a hill with overlooking the surrounding landscape ... >>
(753 150 SKK)

Liptovský Mikuláš
Liptovský Ondrej
Size: 2785 m²

For Sale FEATURED Current listing

For sale 11 acres of land 6 miles from Humenného

14 990,00 EUR Fenced land, with a width of about 20 m, is located in the village at an impasse. The accessible distance to a water connection, electricity and ... >>
(451 589 SKK)

Size: 1080 m²

For Sale FEATURED Current listing

For Sale 12 year old house on Kudlovce in Humenne

179 900,00 EUR Sunny 3 storey house stands on 6.5 acres of land. On the first floor is a large hall with a fireplace and entrance to a large terrace, kitchen with modern kitchen and access to the terrace in the ... >>
(5 419 667 SKK)

Size: 650 m²

For Sale FEATURED Current listing

Older house with big garden in Bardejov-Brezov

13 100,00 EUR Older house with big garden in Bardejov-Brezov (North Slovakia) for sale. ... >>
(394 651 SKK)

Size: 1652 m²

 Most Visited Listings


For Sale FEATURED Current listing

Apartments in the High Tatras for sale

1 162,00 EUR / m2
Above standard apartment flats on the road Poprad - Starý Smokovec for sale. If you are searching for a comfortable place for relaxing and enjoying sport possibilities of High Tatras, near ski ... >>
(35 006 SKK)

Veľký Slavkov
Size: m²

For Sale FEATURED Discount price!

Apartments for sale - Terchová Vratna

45 000,00 EUR Get new apartment now only for 40500, - €. We sell newly built apartment flats for recreational as well as permanent housing in the area of Mala Fatra National Park, in the beautiful village ... >>
(1 355 670 SKK)

Size: 46,34 m²


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