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For Sale NEW UPDATED Current listing

VIDEO - Large home 4 km from Svidník

99 000,00 EUR TTatranet Real offers a very nice house in the village of Lower Orlik 4 km from the town of Svidník. The house is situated on a plot of 6.16 acres. Orientation EW. Was built in 1998. It is in ... >>
(2 982 474 SKK)

Size: 616 m²

For Sale NEW UPDATED Current listing

Building plot in Ľubotice, Prešov

63,00 EUR We sell building land in Ľubotice, Prešov district with an area of 799 m2. All networks: electricity, water, gas and sewer are located at the boundary. Plots are located in a quiet part Ľubotice ... >>
(1 898 SKK)

Size: 799 m²

For Sale NEW UPDATED Current listing

House for business in Prešov

140 000,00 EUR We sell the house near Sabinovská street in Presov on a plot area of 700 m2. The house consists of a basement and one floor. In the basement there is a boiler room and four rooms. On the ground ... >>
(4 217 640 SKK)

Size: 700 m²

For Sale NEW UPDATED Current listing

Land for sale in Hlinná

12 990,00 EUR 20 acres of land has a width of about 12 meters. Near the land are water, electricity, gas and ... >>
(391 337 SKK)

Vranov nad Topšou
Size: 2000 m²

For Sale NEW UPDATED FEATURED Current listing

House in Snina for sale

0,00 EUR (to the agreement)
The house is located on the street of General Glatkov in Snina on a plot area of 729 m2. It consists of two floors, garage and basement. On each floor there are 4-rooms apartments over 140 m2. The ... >>
(0 SKK)

Glatkova Size: 729 m²

For Sale NEW UPDATED FEATURED Current listing

Commercial premises in Snina

0,00 EUR (to the agreement)
(we buy)
We offer space for business on Hurbanova street in Snina. Situated on a plot area of 1727 m2. They consist of the main administrative building 280 sm2, workshop 100 m2 and a spacious yard. In the ... >>
(0 SKK)

Hurbanova Size: 1727 m²

For Sale NEW UPDATED Current listing

Building plot, Župčany, Prešov district

14,00 EUR / m2
We sell building land in the village Župčany, Prešov, 3063 m2. The plot is sunny, flat, part of the land with a slight slope to the north side. All utilitiesnetworks - electricity, water, gas and ... >>
(422 SKK)

Size: 6000 m²

For Sale NEW UPDATED FEATURED Current listing

Large house with a nice garden and swimming pool in a quiet location Solivar, Prešov

289 000,00 EUR Tatranet Real offers to sell a large house in Presov. The house is situated on a plot 1968 m2. (option to buy with less land 834 m2). Building area is 200 square meters, building dimensions 7.4 x ... >>
(8 706 414 SKK)

Size: 1968 m²

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For Sale FEATURED Current listing

For sale 3 room apartment in Vranov over Topl'ou

36 500,00 EUR The apartment is located on the top floor of 8 storey block with lift. The apartment is equipped with double-sided white plastic windows with shutters. Loggia from the kitchen and one of the rooms ... >>
(1 099 599 SKK)

Vranov nad Topľou
Vranov nad Topľou
Mlynská Size: 66 m²

For Sale FEATURED Current listing

For Sale 2 room flat in Humenne, Slovakia

26 490,00 EUR Apartment in pristine condition without a balcony is located in a quiet street, on the ground floor of 2 storey apartment block with a new gable roof. Bedroom and living room is south-facing, kitchen ... >>
(798 038 SKK)

Size: 66 m²

For Sale FEATURED Current listing

Production - storage areas in Vranov n/Toplou for sale

200 000,00 EUR The plot size is 85 ares 7 buildings with total area of 2700 m2 (from 20 m2 to 1100 m2). There is a large-scale freight weight. There is a high-voltage electrical transformer station, gas, water ... >>
(6 025 200 SKK)

Vranov nad Topľou
Size: 8500 m²

For Sale FEATURED Current listing

Slovakia, Kosice - 1room flat for sale

33 000,00 EUR Na predaj 1-izbový byt s vynikajúcou polohou v centre Košíc. Byt sa nachádza na 3.poschodí v 3.poschodovom tehlovom dome, na ktorom prebehlo zateplenie a úprava fasády. Dom ma moderny ... >>
(994 158 SKK)

Jesenná Size: 38,15 m²

 Most Visited Listings


For Sale FEATURED Current listing

Apartments in the High Tatras for sale

1 162,00 EUR / m2
Above standard apartment flats on the road Poprad - Starý Smokovec for sale. If you are searching for a comfortable place for relaxing and enjoying sport possibilities of High Tatras, near ski ... >>
(35 006 SKK)

Veľký Slavkov
Size: m²

For Sale FEATURED Discount price!

Apartments for sale - Terchová Vratna

45 000,00 EUR Get new apartment now only for 40500, - €. We sell newly built apartment flats for recreational as well as permanent housing in the area of Mala Fatra National Park, in the beautiful village ... >>
(1 355 670 SKK)

Size: 46,34 m²


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