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Nice family pension near the Aquapark Tatralandia for sale

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For Sale NEW UPDATED Current listing

House after partial reconstruction in Humenne

98 000,00 EUR (to the agreement)
The plot area of 600 m2, the house was built in 1993, which consists of two floors and a basement. 1. floor consists of entrance hall, small hall, kitchen, living room and bathroom. On the second ... >>
(2 952 348 SKK)

Size: 600 m²

For Sale NEW UPDATED FEATURED Current listing

New house before finishing in Humenne for sale

110 000,00 EUR (to the agreement)
New hose before completion. It is located on flat land with an area of 799 m2. On the ground floor is entrance hall, kitchen, living room and bathroom, WC. Upstairs are three living rooms and a ... >>
(3 313 860 SKK)

Na Lieskovčíku
Size: 799 m²

For Sale NEW UPDATED Current listing

New house, Velky Saris, Slovakia

99 900,00 EUR Tatranet Real offers for sale a completed new build house on a plot size of 315 m2. The orientation of the house E-W. Disposition: On the ground floor - entrance hall, WC, living room connected with ... >>
(3 009 587 SKK)

Size: 315 m²

For Sale NEW UPDATED FEATURED Current listing

3 room flat for sale Ružomberok

40 000,00 EUR We sell a 3 bedroom apartment after reconstruction in Ruzomberok section Klačno. The apartment is located on 7.p. Apartment building is insulated. Orientation flat southeast. The apartment has a ... >>
(1 205 040 SKK)

Size: 62 m²

For Sale NEW UPDATED Current listing

for sale 2.5-room apartment in Bardejov

36 900,00 EUR We sell 2.5 room apartment on the second floor of 7 storey building. The apartment is located near the center of the Slovak street. It is in original condition except for a renovated bathroom. The ... >>
(1 111 649 SKK)

Size: 66 m²

For Sale NEW FEATURED Current listing

For Sale 3 room apartment in Humenne, Slovakia

30 900,00 EUR Apartment without balcony is located on the 3rd floor in a 3-storey apartment block with a new pitched roof. The apartment in pristine condition are fitted with double white plastic windows with ... >>
(930 893 SKK)

Size: 82 m²

For Sale NEW Current listing

Business center, wholesale, Prešov

0,00 EUR (to the agreement)
We sell commercial premises (wholesale) in which there are two buildings а distribution warehouse with social and office facilities in the outskirts of Prešov. The complex is preferably constructed ... >>
(0 SKK)

Size: 4482 m²

For Sale NEW Current listing

Spacious 3-room apartment 75 m2, Prešov, Slovakia

56 500,00 EUR Tatranet Real offers for sale a spacious 3 room apartment 72 m2 with balcony on the street Vihorlatská in Prešov. Located on 8/8 floor. Orientation of the flat E-W. The apartment has been partially ... >>
(1 702 119 SKK)

Size: 72 m²

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For Sale FEATURED Current listing

Family house for sale Udavské, Slovakia

65 000,00 EUR 1 storey detached house is situated on a plot area of ​​15 acres. The house has a living room, bedroom, kids room, lobby with fireplace, kitchen, pantry, hallway, bathroom with WC and boiler ... >>
(1 958 190 SKK)

Size: 1500 m²

For Sale FEATURED Current listing

Pension with the family house near the Castle Liptovsky Hradok

409 850,00 EUR The property is located near the Castle and manor Liptovský Hrádok and consist from a single family house (2 flats), guest house and a garage built on a plot area of ​​1759 m2. House - built in ... >>
(12 347 141 SKK)

Liptovský Mikuláš
Liptovský Hrádok
Size: 1759 m²

For Sale FEATURED Discount price!

Spacious 3-room flat Humenné Pod Sokolejom.

33 500,00 EUR (to the agreement)
We sell 3 room spacious apartment on the street SNP in town Humenné. The flat is located on the 2nd floor with an elevator from the ground floor. Tha flat is in very good condition. In the ... >>
(1 009 221 SKK)

Pod Sokolejom
SNP Size: 73 m²

For Sale FEATURED Current listing

For sale newly built luxury house with swimming pool just 10 km from Kosice

0,00 EUR (info in office)
The house was built in 2010 and stands on a large fenced land with an area of ​​120 ares. The house is divided into residential and operational parts. Living section has two floors. On ground ... >>
(0 SKK)

Košice - vidiek
Size: 12000 m²

 Most Visited Listings


For Sale FEATURED Current listing

Apartments in the High Tatras for sale

1 162,00 EUR / m2
Above standard apartment flats on the road Poprad - Starý Smokovec for sale. If you are searching for a comfortable place for relaxing and enjoying sport possibilities of High Tatras, near ski ... >>
(35 006 SKK)

Veľký Slavkov
Size: m²

For Sale FEATURED Discount price!

Apartments for sale - Terchová Vratna

45 000,00 EUR Get new apartment now only for 40500, - €. We sell newly built apartment flats for recreational as well as permanent housing in the area of Mala Fatra National Park, in the beautiful village ... >>
(1 355 670 SKK)

Size: 46,34 m²


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