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Luxury villa with swimming pool for sale Lipt. Mikulas

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For Sale NEW UPDATED Current listing

Three-room apartment, Prešov, Slovakia

59 500,00 EUR We sell 3-room apartment on the street Mirka Nešpora in Presov, area of ​​70 m2. The apartment is located in a quiet, sought after part of the settlement III, in the second row from the road and ... >>
(1 792 497 SKK)

Size: 70 m²

For Sale NEW UPDATED Current listing

Building plot, Vyšná Šebastová, Prešov, Slovakia

25 950,00 EUR We offer for sale a building plot in the village Vyšná Šebastová area of ​​780 m2. The land is flat, sunny. The entrance to the land of the asphalt road. Land width is 21 m, length 37 m. On ... >>
(781 770 SKK)

Size: 780 m²

For Sale NEW UPDATED Current listing

Nice 3 room house, 1200 m2, quiet, pleasant environment, near the spa town of Bojnice

138 000,00 EUR Tatranet Real estate agency offered for sale furnished house type bungalow, on land 1200 m2, located near the spa town of Bojnice, just 3 km from Prievidza, in the village Opatovce nad Nitrou. House ... >>
(4 157 388 SKK)

Opatovce nad Nitrou
Size: 146 m²

For Sale NEW UPDATED Current listing

For sale separate office in Humenne

179 990,00 EUR Spaces in the city center are located on the 1st floor in an office building. The total floor area is 196 m2. There are currently divided into 7 separate offices with the ability to link water and ... >>
(5 422 379 SKK)

Size: 196 m²

For Sale NEW Current listing

For sale house in a remote area in Udavské - 38 ares

54 740,00 EUR House with a hipped tin roof stands on a fenced plot size of 38 ares. The house consists of 3 rooms, kitchen, bathroom with toilet, hall and pantry. Half of the house has the basement. In the ... >>
(1 649 097 SKK)

Size: 3800 m²

For Sale NEW Current listing

For sale 14 acres of land in East Slovakia

9 800,00 EUR Sloping land with a width of about 25 meters is oriented to the east. On the boundary is the supply of electricity, gas and public water supply. The plot leads paved access ... >>
(295 235 SKK)

Size: 1400 m²

For Sale NEW Current listing

Large family house 5 km from Prešov, Slovakia

210 000,00 EUR Tatranet Real offers for sale a nice and good quality house in Záborské, which is about 5 km from Presov. Built-up area of ​​about 121 square meters, floor area approx 170 m2. The house is ... >>
(6 326 460 SKK)

Size: 675 m²

For Sale NEW Current listing

For Sale 93 acres of land, Great Kapušany, Slovakia

59 990,00 EUR Land has dimensions of 120 x 80 meters. Ingeneering networks are available in the near distance. The possibility of using for the development ... >>
(1 807 259 SKK)

Size: 9300 m²

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For Sale FEATURED Discount price!

2 generation, furnished house for sale-new building

0,00 EUR (we buy)
We sell furnished two- generational family house - new Oščadnica . The house has 7 separate rooms with kitchenette and bathroom , to the living room , laundry room, boiler room , office and cellar ... >>
(0 SKK)

Size: 320 m²

For Sale FEATURED Current listing

Exclusive House - immediately for sale in Presov, Slovakia

149 900,00 EUR We sell two-storey house, which is suitable for business or commercial purposes. House with a built up area of ​​493 m2 near the main road to Kosice. 2. floor: 3 large bedrooms, bathroom, new ... >>
(4 515 887 SKK)

Size: 493 m²

For Sale FEATURED Current listing

Villa in Liptovsky Mikulas for rent or sale

399 000,00 EUR (to the agreement)
Villa is built as massive two-storey house with two independent entrances, floor plan with 14m x 17m (ground plan area of 235 m2). Total floor area is: 69.5 m2 basement, 1st floor 179 m2, 2nd ... >>
(12 020 274 SKK)

Liptovský Mikuláš
Liptovský Mikuláš
Size: 692 m²

For Sale FEATURED Current listing

House at the Osloboditeľov street in Humenne for sale

89 000,00 EUR The house is situated in a quiet location of Humenné. The house is located on a fenced plot with an area of 946 m². Enough widely land provides privacy and comfort of living where you are not ... >>
(2 681 214 SKK)

ulica Osloboditeľov
ulica Osloboditeľov Size: 711 m²

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For Sale FEATURED Current listing

Apartments in the High Tatras for sale

1 162,00 EUR / m2
Above standard apartment flats on the road Poprad - Starý Smokovec for sale. If you are searching for a comfortable place for relaxing and enjoying sport possibilities of High Tatras, near ski ... >>
(35 006 SKK)

Veľký Slavkov
Size: m²

For Sale FEATURED Discount price!

Apartments for sale - Terchová Vratna

40 500,00 EUR Get new apartment now only for 40500, - €. We sell newly built apartment flats for recreational as well as permanent housing in the area of Mala Fatra National Park, in the beautiful village ... >>
(1 220 103 SKK)

Size: 46,34 m²


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